The coronavirus is affecting large businesses which have to cancel large scale events. In the coming weeks, this may also affect small business owners who rely on foot traffic and clients traveling to their studios. Excessive cancellations can kill a business even if the virus is rather mild.

My name is Tom Burke, and I am less concerned because I've been running my voice and speech coaching business- working with singers, actors, corporate executives, and TED speakers- exclusively online for nearly 7 years. To learn more about my work click here. 

I would like to help small business owners stave off any potential impact to their bottom line by helping them learn how to teach online. On Saturday, March 7th I taught a free class on "How to Coach or Teach Online." While the live broadcast is over, you may download the recording when it is available by registering your info on this page.

Whether you teach Yoga, Pilates, Voice, Drums, Violin, (or anything) you are welcome to watch. I will help you get creative about bringing your creativity online. At the end of the class, I provide information on how to get more individualized help through a private mentorship program which will begin on Monday, March 9th. 

This will not be a marketing class but will rather be the nuts and bolts of conducting online sessions that can be equally as rewarding as in person. If you would like to participate, please enter your email below to receive the details.

I am not an alarmist but I do advocate being prepared and having contingency plans. If you run a brick and mortar business, I would recommend you not wait until the last minute to figure out how to move your business online. If you need help, consider watching the class.

Please send me the recording of the FREE training
"How to Coach or Teach Online"